Do you act as an additional coordinator for my day?

YES! Your amazing team of vendors will work together to make sure everything stays on schedule and your day goes as flawlessly as possible. We will meet and chat many times before your day and create a master plan so we know exactly what's happening and there are no surprises! If you have any special things that I need to know about - sentimental things you're wearing, a special entrance that happens at your reception - tell me! I want to make sure I know every little detail of your day.

How many images are included?

I don’t like to put a set number on the amount of images you ’ll receive because every wedding/session is different. I focus on quality versus quantity!! Most weddings are around 300+ and most sessions are around 40+ depending on the session length and activities.

Do you give raw images?

No. I don’t give out raw images because editing is half of the process/magic that goes into making my photos what they are. You receive all fully edited images when your final gallery is delivered. I promise to never leave anything out. If you feel I’ve missed delivering a photo, just ask! I won’t let you miss out on any memories!

Can we contact you at anytime regarding our wedding or session?

PLEASE! Please text me in the middle of the night to tell me how excited you are. Please call me in the middle of the day because there was something you have to tell me. Please schedule many times to meet with me (which I do anyways!) to talk about your day at any point in time. I am your resource, friend, helper, hype-girl, whatever you need me to be. I am available for anything, at any time!

What if we need to reschedule/cancel our wedding or session?

I do require a non-refundable deposit to hold your date that will not be returned should you need to cancel. If you need to change the date, additional charges may be applied. I am definitely willing to work with you on rescheduling a session if need be. However, some of my favorite images have come out of sessions where it was raining, blizzarding, etc but it is totally up to you! If you should need to cancel, keep in mind I do require a non-refundable deposit to hold your date.

What do I wear?!

I have a guide that I’d be happy to send over! The best advice I can give is to be comfortable and be yourself. If you’re the sweatpants-binge-Netflix kind of person, wearing something super fancy may not make a whole lot of sense for you! Making sure attire fits the situation is always a good starting point as well. Sticking to earth tones and neutrals is best, but shoot me a message and I can help choose outfits based on the location(s) we’ll be shooting at!