I could feel I was destined for a creative path, yet still decided to go the route that society expected. Go to college, get a degree, graduate, start career. Three years into my profession I could feel deep down inside it just wasn't for me. Creating art was my passion and I needed to pursue that dream. Fast forward, and here we are years later now capturing all these amazing moments. I'm a compassionate mama who loves spending quality time with those that mean the most to me, but also loves to have fun, explore the world and sip on the finest champagnes. 

I've always had creative bones in my body.

About me

Styling shoots
Traveling the world
Eating delicious food

Playing with our pup
Enjoying champagne
Skiing in Vermont

Listening to music
Snuggling my babes
Interior decorating

In my spare time you can find me

Capturing people is an art in and of itself. You want it to create a story, to feel like you're in that moment all over again. Building a relationship with my clients is one of the things I value most - it allows me to get to know you and your story. I approach each and every shoot with the idea that these images should portray you. Seeing your interactions first hand helps me figure out how I can make sure your memories are captured in the truest way possible. 

It's about the little things.

Images in NYC taken by By Bridget Photo and Julianna Leone Photography. Edited by Alyssa Flood.

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I'm Alyssa, a wedding, elopement, and editorial photographer based in New York. I serve the creative, the authentic, and those who value capturing their moments in a way that is both intentional and timeless.

alyssa flood