Tips for Planning an Adventure Elopement

Just like planning a wedding day, there are so many factors to think about when planning an elopement. Whether it's just you and your lover or if you plan on inviting a few of your closest people, there are a few important things to think about to make sure your day goes off without a hitch.

1. Think about the day of the week AND the time of day if you're hiking to a popular location. 

  • Depending on the hike you plan on doing and the difficulty of the hike, hiking to popular locations like Whiteface Mountain in NYS for example, typically will have A LOT more foot traffic on the weekends. Weekdays are usually a good idea if you would like there to be less people or ask your photographer if they have some locations more off the beaten path. And while most photographers are great at photoshop, there's nothing worse than having the public interrupting your ceremony or photos. Sometimes certain hikes or scenic routes can't be done in the dark after sunset or before sunrise (but some can, get yourselves some head lamps!) so it's important to note when the area will be accessible and plan your times accordingly.

2. Don't forget about permits!

  • I cannot stress this one enough. Some mountains and National Parks require you to have a photography or some type of permit in order to have a photoshoot or ceremony within the parks. Nothing will be worse than getting kicked out because you didn't get your permit.

3. Get a portable changing tent.

  • Don't want to hike in your elopement attire. I don't blame you! Get one of these or see if your photographer has a portable privacy tent like this one.

4. Consider your attire and what you'll be doing it in.

  • If you're going to hike a mountain, wear some hiking boots! Will it be windy up there? (Hint: most summits are super windy) Plan for a hairstyle that will still look amazing if it gets a little messy, or maybe consider a dress or attire that will flow beautifully in the wind. Work with the elements and not against them.

5. Pack a useful, but light bag.

  • Pack a bag with some things that might be helpful, but also pack light because the more you pack the heavier the bag and the heavier the bag, well you know haha. Things to consider - a mirror, travel size makeup for touch ups, oil blotting papers, dry shampoo to help with sweaty hair, a towel, a raincoat or umbrella, etc.

6. You're at the mercy of the elements, have a solid backup plan.

  • You never know what may happen so you should try and consider ALL the possibilities and think of an appropriate back up plan. Will you be cool if it decides to downpour? If the answer is no, then maybe consider booking a beautiful Airbnb with plenty of light where you can hold your ceremony should there be some gnarly weather.

6. Most importantly, leave it as you found it.

  • We want to protect this beautiful world we live in. If you cannot access the spot to take a photo because you're not allow to walk there, don't. Respect the natural habitats and follow all of the rules of the park (and make sure your photographer does too).

With that said, have the best time planning your adventure elopement and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

x Alyssa


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